Reopening amid COVID-19 pandemic


This page will be updated frequently by Parish Leadership with updates about the reopening of St. Maria Goretti Parish amid the Coronavirus pandemic




Monday, August 10, 2020  /  3:04 PM 


General Information on Attending Mass at St. Maria Goretti during the COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. The obligation to attend Sunday Mass is still lifted, and no one should feel compelled to participate. If you are sick, feel unwell, or hesitant for any reason, please stay home. Soon, we will resume broadcasting one of the Masses from the parish. 
  2. The Masses will be offered at 4 pm on Saturday, and 8:30, 10:30, and Noon on Sundays. 
    • The 4 pm Mass will have no music as an opportunity especially for the most vulnerable to attend in a safer environment. 
    • There will be music at the 8:30, 10:30, and Noon Masses but we will limit the number of songs sung. 
    • Everyone must signup prior to coming for Mass. Beginning on August 23rd we will no longer offer an option to signup at the door. 
  3. We will also offer the 8:30 am daily Mass Monday through Friday. If you prefer a smaller congregation, one of the daily Masses would be a good option for you. 
  4. To participate in one of the Masses, please sign up using the parish Sign Up Genius. If you don’t have access to a computer or smartphone, you can call the parish office to sign up for a Mass, (504) 242-7554.
  5. When participating in Mass, you will be required to enter the Church using the main entrance under the overhang. The side doors and chapel doors will remain locked from the outside.
  6. Everyone entering the Church must wear a mask over their mouth and nose. Please bring your own mask. If you don’t have an actual mask a scarf, bandana, or other face-covering is appropriate. We will only have a limited number of masks available for use. You must keep the mask on, over your face and mouth, during the entirety of the Mass except for to receive communion.
  7. Upon entering the Church, hand sanitizer will be available for you to clean your hands before going to your pew. Only those who live in the same household may share a pew without 6 feet of distance.
  8. There will be no missalettes or hymnals available for use to limit the opportunity for the spread of the virus.
  9. When coming for communion, please follow the tape on the floor. Please only stand where there is tape. This spacing will allow us to maintain 6 feet distance between each person. At all times, please follow the instructions of the ushers.
  10. We encourage everyone to receive the Body of Christ in your hand and not on the tongue. When receiving in your hand, be sure your hand is flat and not moving. Then step to the side, remove your mask, consume the Body of Christ, and then replace your mask and return to your seat.
  11.  After Mass, we ask you to get a wipe and wipe down the space you have occupied so that it will be ready for the next service.
  12. On the way out of Mass, you can exit out of any of the doors. Please, do not congregate at the doors so that we can continue to maintain social distance and limit the opportunities for the virus to spread.
  13. Lastly, please follow all the directions of the ushers. They are present to ensure each of us remains as safe as possible. Your cooperation with them helps not only yourself but also your fellow parishioners. 



General Guidelines for Mass Attendance:

 Please enter the door in the front to check in.

 Please wear a mask during Mass aside from receiving Communion.

 Please sit in the pews as designated by the ushers.

Be mindful of social distancing and maintain six feet of distance from others at all times.

The sign of peace may be expressed by means of a smile and/or a nod of the head. No physical sign of peace will be exchanged.

When Mass is over, please do not gather in groups in the Narthex and continue to maintain social distancing.



Guidelines for Receiving Holy Communion:

Please bring hand sanitizer to use before receiving Communion.

During Communion, please maintain social distancing in the line by spacing out six feet from the person in front of you.

Communion will be distributed by means of the sacred Host only.

Out of consideration and concern for others, we ask everyone to receive Communion in the hand rather than on the tongue.

When approaching the priest for Communion, place your hand flat atop your other hand. The priest will place the Host over your hand and then let go of the Host to avoid any contact with your hand.


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We look forward to worshiping our Lord with you!

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